For the attention of companies that provide web development services


Young Scientist Club of Ozurgeti conducts market research in purpose to create website for the procurement of services.

The unit of procurement: domain that needs a modern, functionally and technically activated web-site to ensure the public information more accessible for three municipalities of Guria region.

Therefore, please, no later than March 15, 2016 18:00 submit your experience and commercial offers in accordance with the following terms:

  • The Company is required to make a creative design of the website with the logo of The Young Scientists’ Club of Ozurgeti. Web Design should be agreed with the purchases and should be considered their notes during the preparation period.
  • Together with the design the company have to create a web-formation (lay out) and provide information distribution with the agreement of purchaser so that the Web Page could be user-friendly.
  • Information and texts can be placed in 2 languages (Georgian, English);

The interface of the Web should be is divided into two parts: part of the web administration and part of the users.

There should be possible to place advertising banners of partner organizations.

  • On the Web site must be placed banners of social media means (Facebook, YouTube Channel etc …) of Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti and Chokhatauri municipalities in which the automatic mode should be carried out.
  • Functionally and technically created cross-platform website should be prepared on PHP script language and using by MySQL relational databases.
  • Web page should reflect the dynamics of entering users in monthly slot.

On the Web Page should be separated (in the menu) place where the user will be able to see the calendar of request public information, where you should see from which organization and when we request new public information.

  • Web page must reflect statistics of the public information online (how many documents have been published today, how many times a week).
  • In months should be seemed amount of published information (documents)
  • On the web-site should be accessible public information request sample containing downloadable pdf format documents.
  • The menu item should include the research department, where will be placed reports provided in the framework of the project.
  • There should be allocated a special area where from time to time will be published analytical notes and articles, comments on our web resources.
  • Web page must reflect rate of the information openness of public institutions in timetables and diagram Online. In their assessment of public institutions should apply the following table. The table fields are automatically uploaded to the base of the documents given to the categories. Administrator only fills (editing) amount of the requested documents. The system displays the “% transparency” itself.


For Example



 Web page of the Administrator:


It must ensure that after processing the received public information, the document should be uploaded to the Internet portal in pdf – format and classified in accordance with the variety classification given to documents.


Opportunity of received public information (uploaded documents) should be given categories:

  1. Perfect answer;
  2. Incomplete response;
  3. Give Public Information
  4. Unanswered
  5. Information on the institution does not have / has not carried out a specific action.
  6. etc.


The document was given the opportunity to be uploaded

  1. Resolution;
  2. Disposal;
  3. The Order;
  4. Protocol
  5. etc.)

 The administrator should be able to give the document its author (the recipient’s) name

  1. Municipal Council of Ozurgeti
  2. Municipal Board of Ozurgeti
  3. Municipal Council of Lanchkhuti
  4. Municipal Board of Lanchkhuti
  5. The Board of Chokhatauri
  6. The Board of Chokhatauri
  7. etc.


 Administrator should be able to give the document the following options during upload: document number, date of receipt of the document, status (valid, invalid).

 Administrators should be able to fill, edit the calendar of request public information. The Calendar should reflect data from which of the organization and when we request new public information


About the website costumers:

Customers (any interested person) should be able to raise and download information easily by using few options.

During the Searches could be used combination options. Customers should be able to search by word or phrase, as the name of the document so the document text.

Web Page search system should be  similar



Technical Services:

The winning company must ensure the involvement of representatives of the Young Scientists Club and Training in the process to operate and update.

Contractor will be responsible for the website operation for 3 months to provide technical support in order to ensure perfect functioning of the website. Technical services, which should be implemented without additional compensation, means a slight modification of the script and the correction of errors, as well as consultations for the Young Scientists’ Club of Ozurgeti.

 Payment terms:

Contractor will receive the full 30% of the budget of the contract within 10 days. The full budget of 50% of the payment will be made after the web-page will be presented to the Young Scientists’ Club of Ozurgeti, while the remaining 20% of the salary of the website will be the final delivery.

 Terms of work:

Applications shall include a detailed timetable of work. Web-site should be completed within 1 month.


Please submit your application before 18 pm on March 15, 2016, and information about your organization’s previous experience in this field, at the following address: and specify “ Website in email title (subject).

 For more information, please contact the following representatives of the Young Scientists Club of Ozurgeti

 number +995 599 924284 or +995 555 541564.


The project is implemented with the financial support NED

Thank you in advance for your interest.

The Young Scientists’ Club of Ozurgeti


Address: Ozurgeti, 26 May Street 11a

Phone: +995 790 949411; +995 555 541564; +995 599 924284


Web Page:

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